Monday, March 8, 2010

Rebates: Putting more Money in YOUR Wallet!

I mentioned before about doing "rebates". I'm sure many if you have participated in products with "mail in rebates", here and there but they were few and far between, and you only knew about them if they were advertised on the product you were purchasing.

Now thanks to the internet, there is a bigger and BETTER opportunity to make some cold hard cash or make your hard earned cash stretch 3-4 times!!

There is a few categories for rebates,

(mail in rebates) when purchasing qualifying items, you send in the receipt and a form you fill out, and receive a check in the mail. We've all done this a time or two before!

-Store Rebates, or "Catalina's",
 meaning you get a coupon  for $X after purchasing an item to use again at the same store
Walgreens has "Register Rewards" and CVS has "Extra Care Bucks" and even Menard's has rebates on items every week that often are free after rebate! Target also will give Target Gift Card at checkout when you purchase certain items. 
Now with these, you really aren't getting money back, but when done right, using store coupons and manufacturer coupons,  many times you will get overage on your items, (meaning your item will be  FREE plus overage since your coupons gave you $2 off but your item was only $1) you to score other non-coupon items like milk, bread, ect for less than what they are priced for since you have $1 in overage to spend!
You can "roll" your store Register Rewards, ECB,  and Menards rebates for more items that will generate another  catalina at check out! There are stipulations with doing this though. Many times at Walgreens you can NOT buy the same products with your Register Reward, that generated the original RR, to get another at check out. I will be getting into this more in the weeks to come!

-Online Shopping porthole rebates IE; "cash back"
You have heard me speak of Shop at Home and Ebates many, many times before! I was introduced to them right before Christmas, and it's really simple, easy way to make easy money for just shopping online!
If you shop online often, this is for YOU!! All you do is create and account with either sites, (I use both since they both offer different %'s on cashback) Instead of going straight through the stores website, sign up for free with  Ebates or Shop at Home , type in the name of the store you are shopping at, and it will show you the % of cash back you will receive for shopping through them!! With Ebates,  you will get $5 at signup automatically and you receive your cash back every 3 mo. Shop at Home will send you your check when you accumulate $20.00 in cash back.

Like I said, I have used both since Dec 2009. I already got my "Big Fat Check" from Ebates, and I am $2 away from my Shop at Home check being delivered to me!! I also have $15 coming my way soon!

Now, when you get the hang of it, it becomes a game! "
I said that you can "roll" your rebates, and that's exactly what I am doing with all mine! I keep "Bates"  ( I've named my Fun Money, Bates!) in an envelope in my wallet, and it's used just for rebate shopping, free items( but still have to pay tax), and any store purchase that will generate another RR, gift card or rebate for me! I am so anxious to grab every deal out there, BUT NO, I need to think level headed and if we can't use it, gift it or donate it, it will not come into this house just because it was FREE!!

I will be posting a list of current rebates next!

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