Monday, March 1, 2010

The Life of $26.48, AKA "Bates"

I have been claiming and shopping with rebates for a while now, but it was usually a $1, $2, and at the most a $5 Target gift card. So they went as fast as they came!!

But today I am chronicling the life of $26.48. My largest rebate sum by far! I received a $16.48 check from Ebates, and $10 check from a Kohls Thanksgiving  Sale Rebate and both arrived this last week.

I had $26.48 burning a whole in my wallet!!!  (Oh how many things I WANTED to blow this on!!) We never carry cash in our wallets, strictly debit card only!! So I started thinking, "I know I can stretch this pretty far by only buying things that will generate more rebates, and free items!" And so begins the life of my newest BFF, dear, sweet "Bates" ( Short for ReBATES of course!)

Tonight began my first of MANY, MANY fruitful shopping trips! (I hope!) I headed to Walmart, with the kids, and my list and Bates. I did have multiple FREE coupons, and had a coupon for every item I purchased.

Here is the breakdown of tonight's trip,

Wheaties $ 1.50
8th Continent Soy Milk $ 1.28
2 Lunchables,  $ .92 ea
Venus Razor 2 pack $5.27  ( $2 MQ, 2/07 P&G)
Olay Body Wash, $3.87
Pictureka, $. 24
Monoply $. 24
Scrable Slam, $ 1.24
Kashi Cereal  FREE
Excedrin, FREE
Oreo Cakesters, FREE
Beech-Nut infant cereal, FREE
Olay Body Wash, FREE (w/ a B1G1, Venus Razor/Olay body wash 2/07 P&G)
TOTAL:   Before coupons,    $49.98
                 After coupons,        $18.82 w/ tax!!!

So I now have $7.56 left from my original $26.48. 
BUT.... I'm not done yet!!

I will now qualify for a $15 Olay rebate for buying 3 Olay items!! 2 which were free w/ razor purchases!
When that arrives I will be at $22.56. 

I am keeping it all in a high tech, new age, very frugal system, a white envelope! I will journal what I spend/save and earn back with more rebates all in that little envelope. It will stay tucked in my wallet, and only used for FREE items ( most the time tax is not free, so that will cover that) and any items that will earn me a rebate. 

I will be posting some rebates that are up and running now. Along with some hints and tips in the days to come. 

Here's hoping to a long, frugal life of good 'ol  Bates!!!!!!

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  1. Way to go KT! That is a great system you have going, a little cash to go and buy the fun things you have coupons and rebates for. Love it!


  2. Thanks Amy!! It is fun!!!

    Just a little tip, I do not have an infant, and I did get FREE infant cereal. Some may wonder "why?"

    Easy! Our church collects for the food pantry, and if I can score it for FREE, how can I pass it up!!??