Thursday, March 11, 2010

Date Night on the Cheap side!

Being a family of 5, on one income, means we do NOT get out enough!!!! And when we do, it's takes  a special occasion or coupon for free items/meals to get us out!! So we've had to find alternatives!! And after living this way for so long, I can't imagine dishing out mega bucks for 1 steak dinner for myself when all I keep thinking is, "I could feed my whole family for 3 steak dinners at home for the price of this!!"

So why not think outside the box!! Here's a few idea's,

Look for discounts for restaurants,
-Red Robin is wonderful for giving FREE burgers for your Birthday! Sign up and you will be emailed a certificate to bring in the week of your b-day!! And of course they have their "bottomless fries"!!!
They also just sent me this promo Steakburger or Chicken Salad for $5.99!!!
- Call ahead and order it "To Go" not only are you saving the tip, drinks, but possible temptations of  appetizers/dessert which all rack your bill up FAST!! ( Note, many places require you dine-in with freebies like RR)
-Consider sharing a meal, restaurant portions are huge to begin with!
-Get "local"!  We've shyed away from our "mom and pop" diners, and the often have the best prices and biggest portions! And they help your town!
-If your the app/dessert kinda couple, go just for that!! I worked at a steakhouse for years and many people would order apps/dessert only, and SHARE them both, and their bill was under $12!!!
-Why not order breakfast "to go"?  An order of pancakes, and an egg skillet, will feed a family! TRUST ME!!!!
-Many establishments are hurting in this economy,  and are trying to get your business anyway, so  ask for specials, or coupons available.Our local Rosatis Pizza has been giving out FREE 12 inch cheese pizza's with the purchase of an XL pizza. We have now gotten over 15 FREE cheese pizza's since that began over a year ago, saving us $150!!!
-And lastly, buffets. Ahh........... yes we are the family that goes to EAT!!!!!!!!!!!   Pizza Hut for instance has both lunch and dinner buffets, and if you have kids in school that participate in "Book It" their certificate will also work on a free kids buffet!!

-Save on the movies, 
-Keep an eye out for FREE Redbox or Blockbuster Express codes!
-Yes these are only  $1 anyway, but if you rent movies 2 movies a week, and use a FREE code every time, over the course of a year you will save close to $100!!!
-become a fan of Redbox on Facebook and receive a free code to use on St.Paddy's day 3/17 only!!
- Now till the end of March, you can use code GOLIVE at any Blockbuster Express kiosk for a free rental.
-You can always check out your local library, they offer DVD's and many now are linked with neighboring libraries, and if one doesn't have it, it can be ordered from one that does and held for you!!  Same cgoes for CD's!! Great for loading your Ipod or MP3!

Ask for it!!
- When it's you b-day or holiday gift giving time, if someone asks what you want, why not tell them that gift cards to your favorite place to eat would really help you out! I have one friend that had enough GF's given to her for her and her family to go out many times over the course of a year!
-Same goes for entertainment!  Movie theater gift cards, attractions like Chuck E Cheese always go over huge here! (Yes we go to CEC for fun still!!!!)

Have a specific business your looking for discounts on? Don't hesitate to ask! I'm sure I can find it!!

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