Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekly Meal Plan & Shopping Trip

Even though I complained last time I went shopping because we spent so much, we made it last 2 weeks! So I went grocery shopping this week with the mind frame "make it last 2 weeks, make it last 2 weeks!" And ya know what? I bought more items that would last, instead of perishables, and plan on cooking parts of meals to help later in the week again!

All in all I spent around $150, and hoping it lasts us 2 weeks again, that's $75 a week! Now that price includes household items, cleaners, and even hair dye for me. ;)

We have a crazy week, so our menu is a bit plain!

-Papa's famous Italian "gravy" (pasta sauce) w/ rigatoni, bread sticks and salad.
I'm making a whole stockpot of it now, and will be able to freeze 4 other batches!

-Turkey tacos, black beans and rice, and salad.

-Home made chicken parm, sandwiches, (using leftover sauce from earlier this week)
 mac n cheese

-Mock "fried" fish, cheddar cauliflower, sweet potatoes, &  salad.

-Grilled lime chicken salad topped with tortilla strips and left over black beans and rice.

-Pizza night! Our school's having a family night and suppling the food!!

-Monte Crisco sandwiches ( ham,turkey,swiss and cheddar melted in between 2 slices french toast!), cinnamon apples.

Like I said, a bit basic! If anyone ever would like the recipes, I am more than happy to post them!

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