Monday, February 1, 2010

Meal Plan Monday & Tips!

Well, here I am on the 2nd week of my 2 week shopping plan, and while we still have a good deal of meals able to make, it is getting repetitious and I want something DIFFERENT!! Better yet, I don't want to have to cook it!! But I will suck it up, and plan, cook, eat, clean, x6 this week.

Here's a few tips I used this past week to help me stretch our food....
*I bought a whole pineapple, and not only was it used as snacks, but also as a side with dinner, and I will use it in our dinners 2 times this week. It has lasted a week + cut up.  (I use Tupperware Fridge Savers for all veggies/fruits)
* Meatless meals, we will be celebrating Lent later this month, and in preparation, since we don't eat meat in Fridays, we will have several no-meat dinners. That includes soy based dinners, and breakfast for dinner!
* I bulk up our meals with added veggies, tacos have a can of diced tomatoes added to the meat mixture, stir fry's have loads of veggies, thus reducing the need for loads of meat. 

*And lastly but most importantly, I used leftovers to create a completely different meal! You just have to get creative!!

Weekly Meal Plan 2/1

-Homemade BBQ Sloppy Joe croissant bundles, 
 side mixed vegg w/ cheese sauce, pineapple 

-Chicken shish kabobs, 
  over lime rice

-Loaded baked potatoes, 

- Teriaki Stir fry w/ Asian vegg, 
 rice (leftover from earlier meal)

-Blackened Cajun Tilapia, 
   sweet potato fries, salad

-BBQ Chicken Thighs, (making double, for leftovers)
  sweet corn, butter noodles

-Chicken Quesidilla's, using left over thigh meat, 
  black beans and sweet corn (leftover from prior meal), salad

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